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Google ical calendar not updating

Use this page if events you created or updated aren't showing on your computer or in the Google Calendar app.

Follow these steps on the device you're using the Google Calendar app on. Make sure you're connected to the Internet To check that you're using the Google Calendar app, make sure the app's icon looks like this: .

Adding a query parameter (or attempting to add another one) will cause Google to treat the calendar as a new feed.

Here's an example with the UK holidays calendar feed from Calendar Labs: Original Calendar URL: etc.

Android Important: These steps may cause you to lose some unsynced data.

Any event information you can't see on Google Calendar on your computer will be lost. When you have an app open and tap the Home button, the app is closed but it doesn't actually quit.

Google Calendar caches remote calendar URLs for some time - not helpful if you want to verify a change.

This can be circumvented by altering the URL while requesting the same content.

Although Google updates the calendar automatically from the Timetastic feed the timescales for this are somewhat unclear and there is no manual way to force the update.When this happens you will see a notification in Timely with a link to reactivate the connection using these setup steps.If you notice that events have stopped syncing, or are out of date you can check for any errors under Setup In order to limit the amount of data we need to transfer between Google and Timely, we only sync future events between Google and Timely Calendars.We have not directly confirmed this yet, but 3rd-party documentation indicates that Outlook for Windows observes the non-standard setting in an i Cal feed to set automatic update frequency.Stellar and LMOD i Cal feeds do not currently set this value, which means updates may be limited to when Outlook performs a Send & Receive operation.

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If your Outlook program is not set to automatically run Send & Receive periodically, you can adjust this interval in File Google Calendar does not allow you to adjust the update interval for i Cal calendar subscriptions, and does not observe a TTL set in the calendar feed.

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