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Updating metadata

I didn't want to delete the XMP's and start all my processing again.In the end I used digikam to alter the metadata in the jpg's I had exported.I will learn BIML soon (really I will, I will), but in the meantime, Resolve References sure is a handy thing to know.It certainly delighted the SSIS developer I was speaking with last week!I don't think that there is a way to have zotero update the metadata for an item automatically.It seems like it would be pretty easy to implement a one-click way that you could ask zotero to retrieve any changes to the metadata associated with a certain article, similar to the functionality that lets you create a new object by doi or pmid.Visit Using the You Tube DDEX feed for more information about the new format.To update metadata for a video, you first need to provide information to identify the video you want to update.

If you leave a field out, it will not be updated, and fields that have default values will not be reset to their defaults if you omit them.Instead it is possible to just drag items from i Tunes to the i Flicks window to update metadata.The You Tube XML format is being replaced by DDEX (music only) and CSV templates (all industries).I use Olympus Viewer to add a caption which is placed in the User Comment metadata section, digikam reads this and places it in its database caption and creates a local XMP file with this caption in.I think Darktable reads this and when a file is exported the caption is added to the metadata in the Description section (by the way Olympus place "OLYMPUS DIGITAL IMAGE" in this field). The thing is I recently altered the User Comment on my RAW's from a day out after I had processed but not exported them with Darktable.

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You Tube strongly discourages any new implementations of the You Tube XML format.

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