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Sales force updating databases

If you plan to write objects to your database, we strongly recommend adding an External ID field to your object and populating it with a unique value (such as a GUID) when you first INSERT the record.

You could also evaluate whether this validation rule is actually meaningful anymore and make a choice to remove it, but I would not recommend this without thoughtful review, and checking with others who are using your org.

will cause Copy Storm to retain a column in the target database if it has been dropped in Salesforce.

By default Copy Storm will drop a column in the target database if the column is dropped in Salesforce. If set then all tables created by Copy Storm will be prefixed with this value.

As Andrew and amator comment, the solution is to wrapper the list To Upser build using a try to remove wrongs Ids.

This is my working final code: If your getting an actual Apex exception this means their is something so significantly wrong with the records your passing in, it is likely Salesforce has not started to process them at all.

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column) will be updated on your new row after the insert operation is complete.